Why You Must Pick a Wig BEFORE Chemotherapy

Why It’s Vital to Buy a Wig Before Chemotherapy 

Pick a WigIf you’re starting a radiation treatment regimen, especially if you’re on a hostile treatment plan, you probably already recognize that hair loss is just one of the most usual side effects of chemotherapy.clik here

The majority of cancer individuals, despite age, gender or ethnic background experience at the very least some loss of hair throughout treatment, as well as a lot of those individuals pick to use a wig

That’s because wigs are a perfect solution for hair loss due to chemo. You can locate a wig that looks precisely like your all-natural hair before chemo or pick one that will offer you a fresh, face-lift. 

However, some people find the process of selecting their first wig tough. You have routine doctor’s consultations to timetable, mixture sessions to attend, family members to spend time with, and also a lot of times work on top of all that. 

Locating the time to go to a store and get a wig? That’s only one more point to contribute to your already overflowing schedule. 

That’s why getting a wig online from the comfort of your own house is an exceptional option for most cancer people. You can invest as much time as you need looking for the wig you desire, without needing to drive to the store or being pressured by a salesman. 

Before you buy your wig online, right here are some things you need to recognize … 

Wigs Can Assist You Cope

Pick a WigFor lots of people who do experience chemotherapy hair loss is a steady process. But also for some, hair loss can begin just 2 weeks after your first infusion. While many people are excited to go perfectly hairless – using hats, huge earrings, as well as gorgeous makeup – not everybody is.

Acquiring a wig before you start chemo will certainly take a product off your order of business and help you feel “normal” when your body is experiencing so much adjustment. 

By conquering hair loss, you can start making positive progression on your road to recuperation now, instead of waiting on the outcomes of your chemotherapy program.

Pick a Wig:Do Your Hair Homework.

Pick a WigTake it from us – there are countless designs of wigs and hair items. Short, tool, long, right, curly, and every little thing in between. Include numerous kinds of wig hair as well as various wig cap buildings and constructions, and it can be tough to understand where to start. 

If you can, talk with a buddy who has experienced the process of acquiring a wig or call your hairstylist. They’ve probably aided individuals who have actually undergone what you’re experiencing and can assist aim you in the right instructions. 

Examine if Your Insurance Coverage Covers the Price of Your Wig.

Some health insurance carriers cover the cost of wigs for cancer cells individuals. Call your health insurance company to examine whether or not you have protection. Make sure you have your prescription convenient so you can send your insurance company a duplicate (not the original prescription) if you need it. Remember that most insurance policy companies call for the prescription to claim “hair prosthesis” to provide insurance coverage, so make certain to discuss that to your medical professional when they’re writing your prescription. 

After you have gotten verification from your insurance policy service provider, ask them what sort of wigs they’ll cover. Insurance providers commonly won’t pay for wigs they take into consideration to be “exceedingly pricey,” so you wish to make certain you don’t select a wig that’s much more pricey than your supplier will certainly pay for. 

We hope all this will aid you through the wig acquiring process. Keep in mind, no matter what you choose to do, be wonderfully hairless or buy a wig – remember that you are stunning, solid, and will certainly get through this.

Wash Human Hair Wig

How To Wash Human Hair Wig?

Human hair wigs come in all sizes, styles, and also shades. With loss of hair striking epidemic levels in women, increasingly more ladies are resorting to wigs to aid improve their self-confidence degrees and maintain their great looks. Human hair wigs can be costly, so it is essential to properly take care of your human hair wig to achieve maximum life expectancy and the best appearance. 

Today, right here, this overview will go over just how to appropriately wash. The good news is, cleaning human hair wigs is extremely simple. Considering that they do not need to stay on your head during either process, you don’t have to splash on your own. The following details give step-by-step directions for washing your human hair wig. 

How Often To Laundry Your Human Hair Wig?

Wash Human Hair Wig

It is suggested to clean your human hair wig every 7-14 days of wear. Each time your wig is cleaned, the lifespan of your wig is reduced. Making use of as couple of designing items as possible on your wig will allow you to wash it less often and extend its life. Wearing a wig cap beneath will likewise extend the life of your wig. The wig cap will aid absorb scalp oils, keeping them away from the base of the cap.

Directions for Human Hair Wig Laundering.

Wash Human Hair Wig

Washing Purpose. 

– Maintain your wig looking stunning, longer. – Avoid stretching or damaging the cap. – Handle tangles as well as matting. – Lower dropping and also frizz. – Recover Radiance. 

What You Will certainly Require. 

– Wig Brush: Wig Brushes use particularly made bristles to stay clear of tangling and damage. 

– Wig Hair shampoo: Phosphate-free as well as sulfate-free hair shampoos protect hair color. 

– Wig Conditioner: Spray-on, leave-in conditioners function best to prevent knots, tangles, and breakage. Phosphate-free as well as sulfate-free conditioner ought to be made use of to prolong wigs lifespan. 

– Wig Stand: Aids shape the wig, particularly in the drying phase. 

Washing Human Hair Wig Process.

Step 1: Fill up a basin or sink with lukewarm water. Avoid the temptation to make use of scalding warm water– it can be damaging to natural human hair. 

Step 2: Include one tbsp of gentle shampoo to the water. Unlike all-natural human hair, human hair wigs do not regenerate new hairs. As a result, it’s crucial to utilize gentle products on them. 

Step 3: Gently comb your wig before putting it in the container. Do not pull or pull on tangles or snarls. Work them out delicately instead. 

Step 4: Position your wig in the cozy, soapy water. Allow it soak in the water for 5 mins. 

Step 5: After your wig has saturated, swirl it gently around for one to 2 mins. Do not scrub shampoo straight into the cap or the hair. 

Step 6: Wash the wig with cold water. Gently press it to eliminate excess soap and also water. Rinse as many times as required to ensure that all of the soap is gotten rid. 

Step 7: Place the wing on a wig stand. Let it air completely dry. 

Step 8: Making use of the coolest and also least expensive power settings, utilize a strike clothes dryer for drying your wig. Try not to pull or pull on hairs of hair while you are drying the wig. 

Human Hair Wig Care Tips:

Wash Human Hair Wig

◆ Shop your wig on a wig stand or kind that is smaller than the base of the cap to stop the cap from extending. 

◆ Straight sunshine will certainly discolor the hair so avoid keeping your wig where it will certainly be subjected to light. 

◆ Do not use your wig while sleeping. It might cause hair loss, damage and also matting. 

◆ Lighter hair shades are extra fragile than darker colors because additional handling is needed to attain the light shades. 

◆ In time, your wig will shed hair. This is a natural component of the life cycle of your wig. 

◆ Stay clear of contact with chlorinated water, seawater, and also warm water to avoid damage to your wig. 

long hair with extensions

clip-in Luxy Your hair extensions

wedding makeup and hair near me

How long hair with extensions is going to be advantageous for you?

No doubt, applying hair extension results in adding a greater sense of glamour to a plain look. Undoubtedly, one can wear different looks by using a single piece of hair extensions. How cool is that going to be! In fact, when one gets long hair with extensions then surely many benefits one will enjoy. Here are few of them that you will be enjoying when using these extensions. Furthermore, it is going to allow you to remain at a distance from the hair extension appointment. 

long hair with extensions: Let’s look at the benefits- 

1-     long hair with extensions: You will enjoy added length, volume, and thickness- 

 Long hair with extensions

So, you want to have a long hairstyle. No doubt, having the long hair with extensions is the fast solution. Would you like to transform the hair from a shorter length to the thicker one? Therefore, getting the best hair extension is going to be the best decision that you will be making. Unbelievably, the hair extensions will instantly transform 12 hairs plain hair to voluminous and dangling 22 inches hairs.  However, if you are having thin hair, you can easily add the dimensions and volume to it by applying the best hair extensions. 

2-     long hair with extensions:Low maintenance- 

 Long hair with extensions

However, if you are running the shortage of time, to show up what hair do, you will easily end up with getting prepared by styling your hair by adding the hair extensions. In fact, the hair extensions are the best handy solution available that does not requires you to break your budget. Moreover, there are some hair extensions that come pre-styled and are providing a better solution. It, therefore, glam up the daily look. No doubt, the hair extensions don’t limit you. Therefore, you can make the best vacation hairstyle without breaking the bankroll. So, who’s there that don’t want that. 

3-     long hair with extensions:Fast solution to the backfired haircut- 

 Long hair with extensions

Often, your favorite haircut stylist may disappoint you. However, this is something that you would not even try to imagine in your nightmare. In short, the hair extensions provide the fast calm because you need not have to step out looking and feeling greatly embarrassed. And, therefore, no one is there to ruin the day or party that you have been planning with others for the past month. Also, you don’t need more the terrible haircut to unnecessarily stress you. 

4-     long hair with extensions:Highlighting and adding the color- 

 Long hair with extensions

Why torture your precious hair using the hair chemicals when you are having the hair extensions. In fact, the clip-in extensions achieve the same effect with greater ease. Just clip in the extensions that are colored ay those points that you want and then you get to go. 

5-     long hair with extensions:Speedy transformation- 

So, Ever thought how easy for the celebs is to switch up the looks of their hair at every time when making a shot. Well, surprisingly, it’s the hair extensions only. No doubt, the high quality of hair extensions plays out the perfect role of the real and natural hair. In fact, the extensions are the perfect switch from one look to another without torturing the natural one. Therefore, you can choose to faster acquire the colorful strands or can enlarge the dimensions of the hair. 

long hair with extensions:Finale- 

Get the long hair with extensions and design your hair beautifully to look amazingly gorgeous. 

clip-in Luxy Your hair extensions

wedding makeup and hair near me

How you can blend clip-in Luxy Your hair extensions with lean locks

blend clip-in hair extensionsIf you have great or slim your hair and are searching for some guidance on how to clip in and blend your Luxy Locks extensions, you’ve come on the right position. 

Occasionally, it could be a little challenging to completely conceal the clips of your hair extensions, particularly when your hair is finer. The clips can poke using your hair, might not clip in firmly due to a good feel of the hair. Or you will probably find how the extensions simply sense too heavy inside your thin your hair. The techniques we share with you in this post, however, will assist you to combine your extensions normally and seamlessly! 

 clip in human hair extensions

*Significant: If you are experiencing extreme hair thinning or medical hair loss problems, we strongly suggest to see with your medical professional initially, to discuss if putting on clip-in head of hair extensions meets your needs. 

Suggestion #1: choose the best extensions

blend clip-in hair extensions

Luxy Locks provides two series: Classic and Seamless. 

Our Classic assortment carries a silk textile sewn basic with the clips palm sewn towards the bottom of every weft. In case you have thin hair, we advocate to choose our 120g setup, which is specifically designed for slender hair. This setup comes along with 9 wefts of your hair as opposed to the regular 10, along with much less head of hair connected to each weft to ensure the extensions are comfortable to wear without sensing too heavy. This setup will blend in beautifully along with your okay locks, offering you more span and some volume. And keep an incredibly normal seeking effect. 

Our new Easy collection is bound with silicone as an alternative to fabric, which means that the bottom of the weft is 50% thinner than our Traditional wefts. This makes sure that the wefts lay down totally toned against your head. So your slim hair can glide easily over and hide them. The Effortless collection comes in a typical 180g body weight, that also provides beautiful thickness to the slender hair, while remaining totally comfortable to wear.We recommend to select our Seamless assortment when you have a lean hair, nonetheless, everything comes down to personal preference. 

Suggestion #2: produce a sound base for that wefts 

You might find that your Luxy Locks extensions fall or push during the day,if you have lean your hair. In order for the weft to have anything to support through to without sliding, it is very important to produce an organization basic in which you may clip the weft. This helps secure the set up with your slim locks and stop tugging. You could make this base by using a tiny little hairspray towards the root in the segment which the weft will be clipped on, then teasing your hair. 

Suggestion #3: Find the harmless region

An essential phase when clipping within your extensions is finding out what your ‘safe zone’ is. This is the place in your head where clips are definitely not viewed. Typically, for the okay head of hair, the harmless area is anywhere beneath the brand of your eyebrows. Attract an imaginary group of friends around your face from an eyebrow to a different one anywhere under that group of friends is when your wefts will probably be clipped in. 

Suggestion #4: Position your wefts

All of us have various hair sorts, brain sizes and shapes, consequently, while there is an over-all sequence where extensions need to be clipped in, there is not anyone right method of doing it. Mess around with the wefts and look for what positioning works the best for you. Thin-haired women particularly need to have to concentrate on the top of the top. To make sure that the wefts aren’t peeking through (keep in mind the risk-free zone!). Read the after that suggestion for a few positioning suggestions or observe the visual listed below. 

Suggestion #5: Choose your wefts

blend clip-in hair extensions

Sometimes, you won’t need to use every one of the wefts, and that’s absolutely okay. If you’re desperate for the room in your mind for all of the wefts, you will find a pretty good chance that you don’t need to use them all. Work out which pattern works with what wefts, and only use these. Within this movie, Julia follows the pattern in this movie; to clip in her own wefts. 


Suggestion #6: Tease your Crown

When your extensions are clipped in, you will see the difference immediately in how much longer and heavier your hair feels great,right? Normally, it might be visible that you have more hair in the bottom than towards the top of your mind. Because of the thinness of the all-natural locks. To produce the combine seem natural, it’s a great idea to tease your hair in the crown to add some volume to suit the rest of your hair. This will likely give a comprehensive harmonious, voluminous look. 

Suggestion #7: level your extensions 

When your natural hair is layered, incorporating layers to your Luxy hair extensions by a skilled hairstylist can make a big difference! This will assist the extensions merge far more effortlessly, creating an easy changeover from where your natural head of hair comes to an end as well as your hair extensions commence. If you decide to buy them lower, we recommend having them already clipped into the locks throughout the haircut. It is going to be beneficial to suit your needs to create a numbering system for the wefts. So you are aware precisely where each weft should certainly be clipped in for future years makes use of. 

Suggestion #8: style your extensions with a curl or influx

Even though Luxies look remarkable with direct your hair, wavy or curled designs can look more natural to help you conceal that break down between reduced, normal your hair as well as the longer extensions. Cover your all-natural hair and the extensions together around a curling steel to make certain they flow into one other. Learn five alternative methods to curl hair, how to get 5-moment waves, and the way to fashion seaside waves here. After you’ve curled your own hair, be sure you figure out how to help make your curls stay longer here. 

Give these tips a try, they will help you combine your Luxies along with your fine hair. To obtain an easy and normal appearance. 

How important is wedding makeup and hair?

How important is wedding makeup and hair?

wedding makeup and hair near me A wedding is a special occasion not only for the bride and groom. But also for the whole family and relatives hence it should be a day which is planned properly. The wedding should be properly planned therefore it will be best day of your life. Everyone at the wedding has to look good hence they should have gorgeous makeup and get their hairstyle done by a perfect hairdresser. You can easily get the best makeup and hair by searching wedding makeup and hair near me. You will get a number of lists from where you can choose the best according to your budget. 

How to get the best wedding makeup and hair  

However, when it comes to stunning, beautiful, breathtaking, this all is related to weddings. The makeup at the wedding is a beautiful part. Hence it is also a part of planning. Whether your wedding day is colorful, bold, embellished, or sophisticated the wedding makeup and hair will make it more beautiful. The bride should look like a princess or more than that on her wedding day. It is an integral part of the wedding therefore when it will not be perfect then the whole wedding will vanish.  

Wedding makeup is important for the bride 

wedding makeup and hair near me

The bride is the attention of the wedding hence she should look at her best. It becomes very important for the bride to look perfect. Wedding makeup is all about combining things like the dress, jewelry, Mehandi, and many more.  Hence it is very important to have a person who will give a nice blend to all these things. From the deep shine in your eyes to glowing chicks to perfect shape of the lip wedding is all about it. Therefore be very selective in choosing the best wedding makeup and hair near me.  

Having the best wedding hair  

When it is about the wedding then you must be very careful in choosing the hairdresser and the makeup artist. Therefore if any of the things are not perfect then your full look will be spoiled. Before contacting any of the hairdressers you should first try the local networking hence you never know you will get the best near you. However, it is also very important to have an idea about your budget. Hence it can be a factor of concern. The hairstyles at the wedding are a special point of concern. However, everyone is going to notice this in their first view.  

Search the best wedding hair salon  

wedding makeup and hair near me

However there are many options available which you can choose from. Hence it is very important to search first on your local network and then on the online stores.  You must compare the prices therefore you can judge which one is better. So go for a search by just having a look on the net than which salon are in your area. You can get it by having a look on the wedding hair salon near me. You can easily get the best salon near you.  


However, it is very important to make your wedding special. Hence choose a wedding hair salon to have a gorgeous hairstyle. Choose that hairstyle which will mesmerize everyone. Therefore you also have to be very careful in choosing the wedding makeup and hair. This changes your look completely or makes you in trouble. You can also go for the combined package. Hence, it will be cost-efficient. You can check on the Google the best salons near you. Get the best list by typing the wedding makeup and hair near me. It will automatically trace your location and provide you the best.


Tape in hair extensions before after in summer

Tape in hair extensions before after in summer

Tape in hair extensions Wearing hair extensions give you a sudden boost in your confidence. And it is no doubt the best way to enjoy a flawless hair look without worrying about anything. You can always extend your hair’s length without waiting for months to grow them. However, more options in extensions are available like micro beads, sew- in and clip-in. But tape in hair extensions is best. If you don’t believe us then check the tape in hair extensions before after results online. 

 And even if that 16-inch tape in hair extensions before and after results don’t satisfy you then read below. We have some good reasons to use them. 

Reasons to use tape in hair extensions 

Tape in hair extensions

Boost your confidence with Tape in hair extensions

No doubt we feel confident when we look good. Everything from our dress to shoes and hair makes us confident when we feel good about them. Usually, women don’t feel good when they don’t get the desired hair look. As a result, they don’t feel confident about their appearance. However, using hair extensions works greatly in boosting your confidence. And the right way is to use the right one that is tape in hair extensions. 

These are easy to attach and you can quickly wear them without wasting more time. And every time you can get a new hairstyle. Try them now and see the tape in hair extensions before and after pics to see the change. 

Invisible Tape in hair extensions

Surely, you don’t want others to know about hair extensions. Other options may leave a hint for others but tape in hair extensions give natural look making them invisible. The tape sticks easily with the natural hair and lies flat thus others don’t see it. So, wear any style with these extensions and enjoy a natural look without sharing your secret with others. 

Tape in hair extensions: Lightweight and comfortable 

For many girls, wearing extension means carrying a load on the head due to the weight that comes with the extension. Therefore, they don’t prefer wearing them. But tape in extensions is lightweight that doesn’t put extra load on your head. Moreover, these lightweight extensions are comfortable too. Neither the extension is heavy on head nor does it make you feel uncomfortable. So, wear them and see the results of Tape in hair extensions before after. 

Style Tape in hair extensions anyway 

However, the synthetic hair extensions you get in the store are not easy to style. You cannot straighten them or curl them and get the desired hairstyle. Skip those options that limit your hairstyling needs instead use tape in extensions for hair. No matter what you do with these, whether curl or straightening, they don’t get damaged or mess with your real hair. 

But always wear a protection spray before you style them to give extra protection to your natural hair. Ponytails, braids, curl, or any other style, go it girls and enjoy the 16-inch tape in hair extensions before and after results. 

Moreover, the good news is that you can reuse them so they are not even heavy on your budget. So, re-tape them back whenever you want on different occasions. 



Know-How to remove nail tip hair extensions

Know-How to remove nail tip hair extensions

nail tip hair extensionsWanna make your hair look different from others? So, the best way to make your hair look gorgeous is by adding the touch of hair extensions. However, hairs extensions are the best way that you can make your hair look long and gorgeous. On the other hand, nail tip hair extension is the best type of hair extension which you can blend with your natural hair. In addition to this, when you move on to the installation process then you must also know how to remove nail tip hair extensions

Other than this, when you get the hair extension attach to the natural hair you can look different from the normal days. Thus, this is the best way that you can look beautiful and gorgeous in the wedding that you are moving this winter. Wanna know more about nail tip hair extensions? So, you must read the article fully to know about the nail tip hair extensions. 

How to remove nail tip hair extensions? 

nail tip hair extensions

Moreover, you are tired of having the nail tip hair extension then you must also know how to remove nail tip hair extensions. However, this is the way that you can have the best hair at the time of the wedding. On the other hand, you can even try out the new and new styles of hair extensions when you get access to the removal of the hair extension. The best way to remove the nail hair extension is with the help of the nail hair remover pliers. 

Furthermore, section the hair in two parts as did when you are attaching the hair extension. After that, you must remove the hair extension one by one from the strand to which it is attach. Don’t pull the strand harshly just pull it gently. 

How to put nail tip hair extensions in? 

There is a fever coming to the girls in attaching and removing the hair extension. However, once you have removed the hair extension then you will find it difficult to attach it further. But you can attach the hair extension easily. You must get access to the information related to How to put nail tip hair extensions in. on the other hand, you can easily and quickly attach the hair extension. The only thing which people require is the application that is used in the fusion technique.  Thus, this is the way that you can get access to the nail tip hair extension again. 

Therefore, you can again look gorgeous by knowing How to put nail tip hair extensions in. This is the way that you can apply for the hair extension at home without spending much on inviting the stylist to do that. 

Conclusion of tape in hair extensions

nail tip hair extensions

Therefore, this is the way that you can know Nail tip hair extensions how to apply and get access to the best method. So, no matter it’s a fusion technique or some other cold fusion technique you can have the hair extension. However, this is the way that you can enjoy the wedding by looking gorgeous and beautiful.  Thus, these are the ways that you can get access to nail tip hair extension. 


How to apply for micro loop bead hair extensions?

How to apply for micro loop bead hair extensions?

 micro loop bead hair extensions Before applying loop bead into hairs, let’s know about micro loop bead hair extensions. As we know it’s come with a plastic thread that is attach to the client’s hairs. It is a user-friendly extension. So, there is a plastic loop that is pre-attached with copper rings. After applying ring clamped tight and attach to the client’s hair good for short hairs? 

If you are worrying like your hairs are too short, so by using this loop bead you just no need to worry because it is suitable for all kinds of hairs. You can apply a looped bead in every type of hair.  

Know about micro loop bead hair extensions

 Apart from this technique, people ask about how to apply micro ring curly hair extensions. Your alteration will completely transform your appearance. These are popular and well-known hair extensions nowadays. However, Micro ring curly hair extension uses micro rings instead of using glue. It will keep your hair lightweight and make you free to enjoy your new hair extension. Micro loop hair extension is available in different colors and shades that depend on the client.  

micro loop bead hair extensions

What is better in micro rings

There is also a nano ring available for short hairs, however there is a difference in the size of micro and nano rings. There is a difference in their size like a ballpoint nib. The micro ring is not noticeable in your hairs if it is correctly install.  

By applying micro and nano rings it will not damage your hairs if you are taking care of your hairs. You need to keep your hair clean. If you are going to apply this on your hairs make sure the color that you will choose should be suited on your hairs otherwise, it will look so weared.  

There is also a third extension that is widely used that is micro ring weave hair extensions, this extension is as much the same as micro ring curly extensions but the only difference between them is the micro ring will stay in your hairs around 3 months and micro ring weave will stay around 6 weeks. The weave is most restricted in style however; it can be bulkier when it is growing. 

Are micro loop bead hair extensions good for short hairs? 

So, It is always a question that if you are having short hairs so the extension of hairs will suit you or not. However, there is no need to worry about any kind of hair because; there are many types of extensions available for short and long hairs. You just have to make sure about hair lengths and the color which you are going to choose whiles the installation of hair extensions.  

micro loop bead hair extensions

Last words for micro loop bead hair extensions: 

Today is an era of fashion and style and no one can control themself to don’t follow it. You can choose any type of hair extension according to your hair’s volume and strength of hairs. Many beauticians offer fabulous hair extensions at a very low price. 


What are the textures of micro loop/ring hair extensions?

What are the textures of micro loop/ring hair extensions?

Micro Loop hair extension is the micro beads which are having the pre loop. However, this is attached for pulling the strands from the hair with the help of micro beads. On the other hand, there are many loops that are there for high quality. This is the best copper color extension that prevents breakage. Additionally, micro loop hair extensions natural are popular among people. The beads are silicone coated which is made with natural human hair. When the salon is selecting the extension, they are selecting the best style and quality of extension. 

On the other hand, virgin micro loop hair extensions are having many benefits. Wanna know some of its benefits? You don’t have to research more. In this article, you will get full information about the micro loop extension. Read the article further to know more. 

micro loop/ring hair extensions

Benefits of having the micro loop/ring hair extensions 

The micro loop hair extensions natural are applicable to the natural hair for having the unique and a better hairstyle. However, this is the way that extension is having many benefits of using it. Some of the benefits that are there are as follows- 

Micro loop/ring hair extensions installed with cold fusion method- 

The best thing that is there with the virgin micro loop hair extensions is that it gets install easily by cold fusion. However, it is the best method which is having many micro rings in the form of application. Additionally, the method is all about separating and applying one strand. It is done easily by pulling and looping. On the other hand, by using the micro beads you can simply clamp the extension. In addition to this, there are small beads that are secured together. 

Having the loop of micro loop/ring hair extensions

micro loop/ring hair extensionsThe loop which is there in the extension is giving it with the best design. However, this is having the type of actual loop which is there with the installation process. On the other hand, the technique is a lot easier. There are manual threads which are having needles that apply for the micro loop hair extensions natural. Thus, this is the way that the loop simplifies the extension process. 

Micro loop/ring hair extensions: 100% safe for the tresses- 

Wondering what the method is safe or not? So, let us tell you that this is one of the safest and the best method used. However, it will also work correctly by having the efficient installation and care. On the other side, there are no ways from which the extension gets damages with all the precious locks. Additionally, the beads don’t cause any harm in working. Thus, the extension is safe and easily removable. 

Micro loop/ring hair extensions: Long-lasting- 

micro loop/ring hair extensionsThis method of extension is long-lasting. However, it is having the micro-loops which are longevity. Along with this, the extension is having the best effect of human hair. The extension is designed which people are using for months. 


Therefore, these are some of the benefits which are there with the virgin micro loop hair extensions. However, by having this there are many ways that you can keep your style cool and attractive. So, don’t wait and have the micro loop hair extension. 

Read More:

Choose The Perfect Length Of Clip in Hair Extension

Choose The Perfect Length Of Clip in Hair Extension

Do you want to add length to your hair? Get clip in hair extension lengths. They are always good to add a little extra length to your natural hair. Additionally, they add the desired volume to your hair. And using them is easy. As a result, you can go voluminous with clip in hair extension great lengths. What is more surprising that you can pick from a variety of colors, volume, and lengths. Henceforth, you have a variety of options in hair extensions.  

beautiful Hair Extension

But you cannot buy anyone as they will not give you the desired look to your hair. Therefore, we have come up with a guide describing all the necessary factors.  

Clip in hair extension lengths buying tips

Check out the texture 

Did you know that everyone has a different hair texture? And depending upon the type of hair texture you should buy clip in hair extensions great lengths. In other words, you should be buying a perfect match. Following are the common hair textures: 

Straight Clip in Hair ExtensionStraight 

Generally, we see straight hair texture and mind it, they look classic and great on everyone. Moreover, styling and maintain them is very easy for the other textures. Additionally, you can add any style to them and play with a new style every day.  

Wavy Clip in Hair ExtensionWavy  

Lose curl type or wavy hair texture also looks natural. Although they are not completely straight they are not very curly too. But, you can buy clip in hair extensions medium length for wavy hair texture. 

Curly Clip in Hair ExtensionCurly  

Furthermore, another hair texture is curly which is uncommon to find. Usually, curls in s or z shape are seen. Getting extensions for them might be a bit tougher than others. Moreover, while finding extensions for them you should consider the right texture.

Clip in hair extension color  

However, the most important part of your search for clip in hair extensions length is picking the right color. Therefore, check your hair color in daylight if they have a natural color. On the other hand, if your hair is already colored then picking the right color in hair extension will be easy. The common color options are off black, jet black, mocha brown and chocolate brown. 

Clip in hair extension length 

And the utmost important factor to consider is getting the right clip in hair extensions length. Many people get an inaccurate length of extension that does not blend with their natural hair. As a result, they don’t get the desired look. Therefore, the best way is to get a length extension after a proper hair measurement. And for this, measure the hair length starting from the ear’s middle using a tape measure. Therefore, you will get an idea of how long will be the clip in hair extensions medium length

The 16 inches extension will reach to your shoulder blade. However, 20 inches extension will reach lower to this length. But if you get 24 inches then they will reach till the waist.

Thickness of hair extensions

However, you should also think about the thickness. You can get 100g, 150 or 200 g weight of extensions. The first one is thinner in comparison to the rest of the two hair extensions. 

So, this is how you can get the right clip in hair extension lengths. 

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