What are Remy hair extensions and Pre-Bonded hair extensions?

Are you undecided as to which hair extensions to choose? There are so many types of extensions that when you decide to use them for the first time, it can be confusing to determine which one is best for you. We want to help you in your search for the ideal extensions. Are you looking for 100% human hair extensions of high quality, that are safe, discreet, quick to put on and take off and that do not mistreat your hair. So by reading this article you come to know what are stick tip hair extensions.

What is remy hair extensions?

remy hair extensions

Remy’s hair means that the hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction. The hair cuticle is the outer layer of a single hair. Under the microscope, this outer layer looks like a bunch of small mosaics placed on top of each other.

In other words, when hair grows from the scalp, all these fine tiles orient in the same direction. This is not always the case with hair extensions. The small hair extension may have some strands upside down, creating a “zipper” effect with other strands and tying them together to create knots. Hundreds of hairs on it can end all the confusion.

For a soft, easy to handle, and beautiful appearance, I recommend you to buy remy stick i tip hair extensions.

What is pre-bonded hair extensions?

pre-bonded hair extensionsPre bonded stick tip remy hair extension is real or synthetic hairpieces, pre-adhesive on one end. We use these hair extensions  to increase the length of hair and width of a natural hair. There are a number of types of hair extensions.

Pre-linked nail tip hair extensions, also known as U tip extensions, place the adhesive at one end of the extension during the manufacturing process. The stylist uses a professional heat connector clamp to fix the tip on the client’s extension hair.

Remy Nail tips hair extensions are mounted so that all hair cuticles are in the same direction. These stops intertwine and stay your hair smoother and cleaner. There are many type of hair extension and few of them are more expensive compare to others. These hair extensions are install in the same way as normal nail tip extensions.

Micro ring extensions with virgin hair

The best thing about double drawn stick tip hair extensions is that you can use the highest quality hair that exists, which is virgin natural Indian hair. It is in the form of a stitched curtain and loose hair, so you can choose the one you like best. You can discolour and dye your virgin hair to your liking. It is also much more durable, as it can last two years or even longer if you give it proper care.

micro ring hair extensions

The installation process is simple. To install micro ring stick tip hair extensions, simply grab your hair and insert it into the tube and pull the loop that secures it. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on specific places to increase the volume and length you want.