Choose The Perfect Length Of Clip in Hair Extension

Do you want to add length to your hair? Get clip in hair extension lengths. They are always good to add a little extra length to your natural hair. Additionally, they add the desired volume to your hair. And using them is easy. As a result, you can go voluminous with clip in hair extension great lengths. What is more surprising that you can pick from a variety of colors, volume, and lengths. Henceforth, you have a variety of options in hair extensions.  

beautiful Hair Extension

But you cannot buy anyone as they will not give you the desired look to your hair. Therefore, we have come up with a guide describing all the necessary factors.  

Clip in hair extension lengths buying tips

Check out the texture 

Did you know that everyone has a different hair texture? And depending upon the type of hair texture you should buy clip in hair extensions great lengths. In other words, you should be buying a perfect match. Following are the common hair textures: 

Straight Clip in Hair ExtensionStraight 

Generally, we see straight hair texture and mind it, they look classic and great on everyone. Moreover, styling and maintain them is very easy for the other textures. Additionally, you can add any style to them and play with a new style every day.  

Wavy Clip in Hair ExtensionWavy  

Lose curl type or wavy hair texture also looks natural. Although they are not completely straight they are not very curly too. But, you can buy clip in hair extensions medium length for wavy hair texture. 

Curly Clip in Hair ExtensionCurly  

Furthermore, another hair texture is curly which is uncommon to find. Usually, curls in s or z shape are seen. Getting extensions for them might be a bit tougher than others. Moreover, while finding extensions for them you should consider the right texture.

Clip in hair extension color  

However, the most important part of your search for clip in hair extensions length is picking the right color. Therefore, check your hair color in daylight if they have a natural color. On the other hand, if your hair is already colored then picking the right color in hair extension will be easy. The common color options are off black, jet black, mocha brown and chocolate brown. 

Clip in hair extension length 

And the utmost important factor to consider is getting the right clip in hair extensions length. Many people get an inaccurate length of extension that does not blend with their natural hair. As a result, they don’t get the desired look. Therefore, the best way is to get a length extension after a proper hair measurement. And for this, measure the hair length starting from the ear’s middle using a tape measure. Therefore, you will get an idea of how long will be the clip in hair extensions medium length

The 16 inches extension will reach to your shoulder blade. However, 20 inches extension will reach lower to this length. But if you get 24 inches then they will reach till the waist.

Thickness of hair extensions

However, you should also think about the thickness. You can get 100g, 150 or 200 g weight of extensions. The first one is thinner in comparison to the rest of the two hair extensions. 

So, this is how you can get the right clip in hair extension lengths. 

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