How to apply for micro loop bead hair extensions?

 micro loop bead hair extensions Before applying loop bead into hairs, let’s know about micro loop bead hair extensions. As we know it’s come with a plastic thread that is attach to the client’s hairs. It is a user-friendly extension. So, there is a plastic loop that is pre-attached with copper rings. After applying ring clamped tight and attach to the client’s hair good for short hairs? 

If you are worrying like your hairs are too short, so by using this loop bead you just no need to worry because it is suitable for all kinds of hairs. You can apply a looped bead in every type of hair.  

Know about micro loop bead hair extensions

 Apart from this technique, people ask about how to apply micro ring curly hair extensions. Your alteration will completely transform your appearance. These are popular and well-known hair extensions nowadays. However, Micro ring curly hair extension uses micro rings instead of using glue. It will keep your hair lightweight and make you free to enjoy your new hair extension. Micro loop hair extension is available in different colors and shades that depend on the client.  

micro loop bead hair extensions

What is better in micro rings

There is also a nano ring available for short hairs, however there is a difference in the size of micro and nano rings. There is a difference in their size like a ballpoint nib. The micro ring is not noticeable in your hairs if it is correctly install.  

By applying micro and nano rings it will not damage your hairs if you are taking care of your hairs. You need to keep your hair clean. If you are going to apply this on your hairs make sure the color that you will choose should be suited on your hairs otherwise, it will look so weared.  

There is also a third extension that is widely used that is micro ring weave hair extensions, this extension is as much the same as micro ring curly extensions but the only difference between them is the micro ring will stay in your hairs around 3 months and micro ring weave will stay around 6 weeks. The weave is most restricted in style however; it can be bulkier when it is growing. 

Are micro loop bead hair extensions good for short hairs? 

So, It is always a question that if you are having short hairs so the extension of hairs will suit you or not. However, there is no need to worry about any kind of hair because; there are many types of extensions available for short and long hairs. You just have to make sure about hair lengths and the color which you are going to choose whiles the installation of hair extensions.  

micro loop bead hair extensions

Last words for micro loop bead hair extensions: 

Today is an era of fashion and style and no one can control themself to don’t follow it. You can choose any type of hair extension according to your hair’s volume and strength of hairs. Many beauticians offer fabulous hair extensions at a very low price. 


What are the textures of micro loop/ring hair extensions?