When can I wear hair extensions?

Today, there are many hairdos that people prefer to have. However, clip in hair extension is the best hair fusion. It is one of the popular methods that are popular among people. This is perfect for making the hair look longer and denser. Along with using the tape in hair, people are using clip in hair extensions. Clips are the best way that allows you to have many experiments in your hair. With this, you can have hair highlights, pops of colors, and ombre hairstyles. Beginners who wanna have styles like hair extension are starting this by simply attaching clip which makes the users alike. 

hair extensionsClip in hair extension for daily use 

Moreover, there are confusions in people regarding – Can you wear clip in hair extensions everyday? The style of hair extension is considered as the cheapest and durable type. This is the reason that it is adding up popularity and demand in the market. The answer for having the clip in hair extension is only a single day. Wanna know more about it? So, you must read the article fully. In this article, we are providing you with information about having a clip in hair extension. 

Sleeping with clip in hair extensions – it is possible? 

clip in hair extensionsThis is not designed to have this type of use.  You cannot sleep with the clip in hair extension. However, this is short term weft which has beautiful designs. On the other hand, this design is completely safe. And this is harmless to wear throughout the day. Along with this, the extension even doesn’t damage the locks. But the same is not said for wearing the clip in the bed. So, there is no reason to have sleeping with clip in hair extensions. Thus, you must remove your clips before going to bed. 

Moreover, when you sleep, you toss and turn. This is the way that the extension is having damages. And this will also put a strain on your natural tresses. Thus, I recommend you to have the best routine and go to sleep when you have detached the extension. 

Is it possible – swimming with clip in hair extensions? 

hair extensionsThis is also one of the most important things that you must know. However, when you have hair extension you must take care of several things. You must detach the extension at the time you are swimming or taking a shower. It is not recommended to get into the water by having the hair extension. The reason for this is because of the chlorine and saltwater that is present in the water. This damages the extension and leads to tangling with the natural hair. 

Other than having an extension while swimming and sleeping, you Can you wear clip in hair extensions everyday. Thus, you must be careful when you are getting access to clip the hair extension.   


These are some of the things that you must take care of. However, with clipping the extension you can have the best look every day. But remember to remove it in the night while going to sleep. This is the way that you can take care of the extension as well as your natural hair.  

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